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Card Writer end-user and works in any Direct TV receiver HU Cards are the primary cards in use today by DirecTV cliens. HU Card is synonymous with Access Cards. The access card has memory on it, which means it can store data. Specifically, the card stores the data which determines what programs can be descrambled, and what programs cannot. The card is technically known as a "Conditional Access Module," or CAM Black Shadow II Bootstrap only $89.95 USD Medical applications: In Germany 80 million people can use smart cards when they go to the doctor. Does JavaCard have any competition? wdishsystemcom direct tvcom directtv usa us directv programming systems wwwdirect packages adult install directtvcom system internet hughes receivers television dish offers com service wwwdirecttvcom free where can how providers self program channels receiver find directvcom online for national multi nb new schedule satelite retailers and the room package dss information wwwtvcom sales website kit dual services site retail equipment web offer www home rebates buy get wwwdirectvcom sattelite purchase what page best about owner north pvr usatv tvusa problems multiroom electronics retailer wwwusa satalite business locals provider marketing dishes out derect help info company way store satellites zap wwwno wwwretailerdirectvcom selling installations selfinstall wwwtv programme directt with direct_tv rooms pricing growth dealer tips directcom all yourself stores tvs specifications change ordering channel org sell guide showtime hughescom city retailerdirectvcom sitewwwusadirecttvcom digital wwwusacom usadirect on As of this time the companies responsible for producing 80 percent of the cards have licensed JavaCard. My group is working with the licensees to make sure all the licensees are compatible on the 2.0 specification. We do this by providing support and providing test cases as well as reference implementations. How will multiple applications co-exist on JavaCard? Often security solutions are very good but very useless. [Systems become] so secure that no one uses them. We are taking a more practical approach with JavaCard and using the GateWay Security Model described to allow multiple applications to exchange data. It would be pretty foolish to present several smart cards to perform a transaction, although in all fairness we already provide several credit cards to perform many common transactions and maybe this model will stay, car companies and airline companies will issue different cards. What is the difference between OpenCard and PC/SC? What are some of these guidelines Developers should be able to buy the tools in a store, buy a few cards in the store, and read the latest column in JavaWorld and then build an applet for the Card. In the past this was not possible, programs were burned into the chip and the special chips had to be produced. Smart cards can become a $16 billion market. What is your group working on at JavaSoft? At the heart of the satellite system is a subscription card (or access card) located inside the receiver. It controls the channels you receive based on your sanctioned to conduct broadcasting services, either directly or indirectly of any kind in Canada in relation to their respected broadcasting signals. Furthermore, as the broadcasting services of Directv Inc. and Echostar Communications Corp. cannot legally be distributed within Canada, their broadcasts have been legally interpreted as "foreign signals" and Canadian Law has also been legally interpreted as NOT currently regulating nor protecting "foreign signals" . Canadian law has been legally interpreted to regulate and protect signals originating ONLY from a "Lawful" Canadian Distributor. This has been decided and UPHELD in several recent Canadian legal proceedings. Court transcripts of these proceedings are available on request.and hence cannot kill it. As of late 2000, stealth scripts have become obselete because of dynamic coding abilities. Now, cards that are write-protected will not work, and hence stealth scripts will not work. Emulation A sort of "perfect stealth." See the Emulation section for a complete write-up. Winexplorer The program used to run scripts/hacks. IMPORTANT: Your USW represents the current software level of your card. It MUST be at the latest revision to operate (currently 0800). If your USW is NOT 0800 you MUST perform step 6) onwards to manually apply the USW to your card. The DSW represents the DYNAMIC software level of your card. This MUST be at the latest revision to operate (currently 0600). You may manually apply this to your card by performing step 6) onwards OR you may allow this to update in the receiver. If you choose to update in the receiver it may take between 1 to 30 minutes for you to get video. This extra delay is NOT a calibration process (see later) but normal operation of card updating. Zero Knowledge Table Bin (aka .bin file, valid bin, subbed bin, bad bin, good bin, etc) but as time goes on I think you will carry many computers at all times, perhaps in your watch or pen as well as your wallet. I really view JavaCard as a concept that I think will become more popular as smart cards are understood: The concept of wearable computers. We see this already in things like the 2) You agree that this Web Site is privately owned and operated. Employees, Agents or Solicitors both direct and indirect of Directv Inc., News Datacom Ltd, NDS Americas Inc. or Echostar Communications Corporation are STRICTLY prohibited from entering this site and are directed to leave immediately. Failure to comply may constitute a criminal act of trespassing. 2) You agree that this web site contains no information in whole or in part relating to ANY LAWFUL Canadian broadcaster. Currently, the broadcasting services of Star Choice Communications Inc. and Bell Expressvu L.P. whose respected signals are distinctly sovereign in nature and are regulated in full by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (C.R.T.C.), are the only LAWFULLY authorized distributors of Direct to Home Services in Canada. 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