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Dss Card Unloopers


Dss Card Unloopers In chronological order, these cards were the F, the H, and the HU. If you buy a DIRECTV system today, it comes with a HU, because the first two generations of cards were susceptible to security hacks- people found ways of breaking the cards security, and adding their own programming info. DirecTV's access cards follow an industry standard in smartcards, known as ISO7816. Hence, any standard ISO7816 smartcard programmer can read and write these cards with the proper software. CAM ID A unique identification number present on the memory of each and every DIRECTV Access Card, and also explicitly printed on the back of the card. IRD The common term for satellite receiver. Receiverís also have unique identification numbers. Marrying When an access card that has just come hot from the factory (ie brand new, or "virgin") is activated for programming by DirecTV, the card writes down the receiverís identification number into its memory. The card then uses this number to prevent it's being moved to different receivers. In essence, the card and receiver have "married" each other. If you then remove the card and place it into another receiver, you will get an error message, because the access card is married to the first receiver is was activated inside. Datastream (aka Stream, Signal, Satellite Signal) The datastream is just that- a stream of data. It is specifically the waves of encrypted (scrambled) data that are sent down from DirecTVís satellites up in space. When you tune to a channel, it is encrypted. The access card then computes the datastream, and if the card says the channel is authorized, it descrambles the signal for the television. Programmer An ISO7816 smartcard reader/writer that plugs into your computerís serial port and permits a hacker to read and write to any ISO7816 smartcard, such as the access cards Update (aka USW) A change wiped by cleaning the card. In order to perform these operations you require Extreme HU 3.x. This is a FREE program that allows you to clean code from your card. A search in your favourite search engine should give you many download links, and instructions on installation. 1) Connect your Unlooper/Loader to the Com port of your PC and insert your HU card directly into the card slot. 2) Double click on the Extreme HU icon and you will be brought to this main welcome screen. In the bottom left corner written in green you should see "Com1: Ready" and "Device: Detected". If you can see this you are ready to proceed. Otherwise: - Select the 'File Menu' and click 'Settings Select the Com port your Unlooper/Loader is connected to under the Loading Settings Click Save and Exit JavaSoft will soon be releasing an API that supports Serial and Parallel devices. Once this is available, OpenCard can be 100% pure. But we are diverging. OpenCard is a fairly lightweight interface to smart cards that provides a framework for developing smart card applications in Java. PC/SC is an interface to smart cards for Windows platforms. OpenCard, in the spirit of cooperation, has provided an interface layer so that OpenCard can use PC/SC to basically manage smart card readers or terminals and send APDUs [application protocol data units] to these readers. So if you write your application to the OpenCard specification you will get portability if you write it to PC/SC you will only work on Windows platforms, which may not be the predominant personal platform. 3) Select the 'Card Menu' and click 'Read Card'. You will see it begin to attempt reading the card. This should take no more than 30 attempts. Once complete you will see the code on your card in the Message Window. Backup of your HU card is now complete 3.3 Clean your HU Card Required Loader because the access card is married to the first receiver is was activated inside. (aka USW) A change in the code on the access card, usually done to destroy cards with hacks on them, or to add some fuctionality (such as interactive TV) to the access card. USW stands for Update Status Word, and Dss Card Unloopers

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