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Dss Card Writer black screen or a freeze. Now let’s take a look at an emulator. An Emulator tries to simulate a real card. Since the dynamic code can contain ANYTHING, it could contain instructions that a real card can perform, but the author of the emulator didn’t know about when he wrote it. The emulator may crash or perform this code incorrectly, which will corrupt your key and cause blackout/freeze. Think of PS2 emulator running on your PC. It never works with all games does it? A more serious problem comes from the fact that you can NEVER 100% simulate anything. There are always small timing or functional discrepancies, and these are exploited. Dynamic code could execute a write to memory in the smartcard but not give it enough time to actually burn into the EEPROM. An emulator would have no idea how long it takes to write to the EEPROM, and would perform the write regardless. [Incidentally this exact same attack was used against an emulator for the H card]. These are but a few examples of how emulators can be exploited. You may find it surprising to learn that dynamic code can change every 6 or 7 seconds. That means that a new dynamic ‘hash’ could be executed every 6 or 7 seconds. So how many different tests can be performed to check if your card has been modified in one hour? That’s right, over 500! The Avenger SE never modifies the code on your card, nor simulates any portions of the card. Your card always remains unmodified. As a result there are no differences that the dynamic code can detect! I have a 'sub" card, do i need to remove it from the Avenger SE and insert it into the receiver directly to receive updates? No! Your card will continue to receive all official updates while in the Avenger SE. You may use your 'Sub' card without the Avenger SE at any time if you wish, but you do not have to. Does the Avenger SE work with the No-ZKT/303 mod? Yes! The NO-ZKT/303 mod simply prevents the Zero Knowledge Test from actually being performed. As a result no Instruction 4A's or Instructions 5A's are sent to your card/Avenger SE. This does not affect the operation of the card with or without the Avenger SE. Mikobu III Ultra-Unlooper Deluxe (PS/2) Mikobu III PS2 only $69.95 USD Mikobu III PS2 + Infinity3m 6 months support Without a doubt this is the ultimate HU card device. It can do it all, and perfectly! Nothing can touch the speed and precision of this loader. The circuitry has been completely optimized for HU unlooping. It includes a special custom software package hidden in ExtremeHU that will only work with the private flash on Canada and other countries where use of test cards is considered legal. You understand that the worldwide nature of the Internet makes it impossible to regulate the audience and it is possible to access this web site in countries where use of test cards is illegal. You understand that it is your responsibility to check your local laws before committing any information on this web site for any given practical use. We do NOT condone signal theft and you are absolutely prohibited from putting ANY information on this site to any illegal use. Any individuals indicating illegal intent are subject to loss of any and all privileges given to them by this web site. 3) You understand that use, possession, distribution, manufacture or importation of test cards is illegal in the United States. If you are a U.S. resident, you are required by law to subscribe and the use or sale of test cards of any kind is unlawful and constitutes signal theft and is subject to criminal and civil penalties according to U.S. law. We do not condone the use or sale of test cards to U.S. residents. In addition, use of test cards may also be considered illegal in any country or jurisdiction where the U.S. based services of Directv Inc. and Echostar Communications Corporation, in specific, The Dish Network can legally and lawfully distribute their signals, either directly or indirectly and make said signals available for purchase to consumers on a subscription basis. 4) You understand that all information on this web site is Dish Cards informational in nature and is protected by the fundamental right of free speech GUARANTEED by both the United States Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As outlined above, although simple access of the information on this site may be legal and protected under various constitutions and charters, physical use may NOT be legal in certain countries and jurisdictions, in specific, The United States. If you are in doubt, you should seek legal advice BEFORE putting any information on this site to a practical use. 5) You understand that this web site does NOT sell, lease, rent, manufacture, import, export, install or distribute test cards of ANY kind. In addition, we do NOT sell products of ANY kind, either directly or indirectly, nor do we offer any consultation in regards to any of the content contained in this web site. Please do not even ask. 6) You understand that you are solely responsible for your own actions and agree to Additionally, users who wish to use their Avenger SE with multiple HU cards may find this procedure useful. As a pre-requisite to this procedure you Dss Card Writer

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