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Dss Smart Direct TV


Dss Smart Direct TV may NOT be legal in certain countries and jurisdictions, in specific, The United States. If you are in doubt, you should seek legal advice BEFORE putting any information on this site to a practical use. By entering this web site, you hereby and without exception agree to the following terms and conditions of use and legal restrictions.; 1) You understand that this web site, and all directly associated web sites are wholly owned, operated and hosted in the sovereign province and nation of British Columbia, Canada and are operated in accordance to the applicable laws and statutes of Canada and British Columbia. We make no representation that the materials on this site are appropriate for use outside Canada. 2) You understand that this web site's intended audience are residents of Canada and other countries where use of test cards is considered legal. You understand that the worldwide nature 4.2 Manual Calibration in Receiver The manual calibration procedure is provided for users who are unable to successfully complete auto calibration. 6) Click "Read Device ID" to read your serial number and to verify the communication settings are correct. a) If a Communication Timeout occurs, check all connections and follow the instructions given on screen in the Error Message dialog box. b) If all your connections are correct you will see "Idle - Device ID read." in the status bar. Your 32 digit Serial number will appear in the "Serial Number" window, and your current software revisions (Currently 02.16) in the "Software Version" window. 7) Select a manual calibration setting using the Up/Down arrows in the "Calibration Section" and click "Set". 8) A confirmation dialog box will be displayed once your manual calibration setting has been stored. Click "OK" 9) Remove the serial cable (and power supply if you need to) 10) Connect the power supply, insert your HU card into the Avenger SE card slot (microchip facing upwards) and allow 1 minute for Initial Calibration to complete. 11) Insert the Avenger SE emulation board into your receiver, and check the status of the Green Calibration LED: 12) Check the status of the Green Calibration LED: (a) If the green Calibration LED indicator flashes ON slowly (approximately 6 seconds between each flash) and video is restored, you have successfully calibrated the unit. (b) If the green Calibration LED indicator flashes OFF slowly (approximately 6 seconds between each flash) and video remains intermittent after 1 minute: 5.0 Troubleshooting 5.1 Resetting your Avenger SE to Factory Defaults 5.2 Calibration problems 5.3 Frequently asked questions 5.1 Resetting your Avenger SE to Factory Defaults The following procedure will reset any stored values in your Avenger SE unit and restore it to factory defaults. Your Avenger SE will be left in the default setting - Ready for Auto calibration in the receiver. This procedure MUST be performed before testing new cards with your Avenger SE and is a good way to restart the calibration process from scratch if you have made any errors in following the procedures outlined in previous sections. 1) Ensure the power is connected to your Avenger SE unit, and the RED Power LED is lit. 2) Ensure that the Emulation board has been removed from your receiver. 3) Insert the new HU Card into the Avenger SE (Microchip side facing up). 4) Remove the RESET jumper located on the bottom left of the Avenger SE unit. 5) Insert the Emulation Board into the receiver and wait 5 seconds. 6) Now you may: a) Insert the RESET Jumper into the Avenger SE unit to begin Auto Calibration in the receiver OR b) Remove the emulation board and then insert the RESET jumper if you wish to use a different calibration method. Dss Smart Direct TV

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