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Dss Reader Please note Local Channels can take several hours to appear. This is normal operation of the CA system and has nothing to do with the Avenger SE. 3.1 Subscription cards If you currently have a subscription and are able to view 'some' pay channels with your card (without the use of a 3M i.e. modifications check your power supply connection 2) Insert your cleaned HU card into the card slot on the front of the Avenger SE. The card must be inserted microchip facing up. Wait 1 minute for the unit to initialize before proceeding to step 3. 3) The green Calibration LED indicator should be lit. Switch the receiver to an encrypted channel. (NOTE: Auto calibration will only work on an encrypted channel. An example of an encrypted channel is a PPV channel). HU card that you use with this unit you MUST repeat auto calibration. Since the settings for the previous card have been stored they must first be cleared. Refer to section "5.1 Resetting your Avenger SE to Factory Defaults" to RESET your Avenger SE unit BEFORE calibrating with a new card 4.2 Manual Calibration in Receiver The manual calibration procedure is provided for users who are unable to successfully complete auto calibration. 6) Click "Read Device ID" to read your serial number and to verify the communication settings are correct. a) If a Communication Timeout occurs, check all connections and follow the instructions given on screen in the Error Message dialog box. b) If all your connections are correct you will see "Idle - Device ID read." in the status bar. Your 32 digit Serial number will appear in the "Serial Number" window, and your current software revisions (Currently 02.16) in the "Software Version" window. 7) Select a manual calibration setting using the Up/Down arrows in the "Calibration Section" and click "Set". 8) A confirmation dialog from the factory (ie brand new, or "virgin") is activated for programming by DirecTV, the card writes down the receiver’s identification number into its memory. The card then uses this number to prevent it's being moved to different receivers. In essence, the card and receiver have "married" each other. If you then remove the card and place it into another receiver, you will get an error message, because the access card is married to the first receiver is was activated inside. Datastream (aka Stream, Signal, Satellite Signal) The datastream is just that- a stream of data. It is specifically the waves of encrypted (scrambled) data that are sent down from DirecTV’s satellites up in space. When you tune to a channel, it is encrypted. The access card 1) Download the Avenger SE Calibration software by clicking >>HERE<< 2) Unzip the files to a directory on your computer and execute "Setup.exe" to install the software. 3) Click the 'Avenger SE Calibration Software' from your START menu. The Avenger SE Calibration Software main menu will be displayed. successfully complete auto calibration. Additionally, users who wish to use their Avenger SE with multiple HU cards may find this procedure useful. NOTE: If your card does not have DSW 0600 it may take up to 30 minutes for your card to update (refer to Procedure 3.3 step 5). In this case the Green Calibration LED will not be lit (or will flash ON every 3 to 6 seconds) but you will not have video until your card updates to DSW 0600. 5.0 Troubleshooting 5.1 Resetting your Avenger SE to Factory Defaults 5.2 Calibration problems 5.3 Frequently asked questions 5.1 Resetting your Avenger SE to Factory Defaults The following procedure will reset any stored values in your Avenger SE unit and restore it to factory defaults. Your Avenger SE will be left in the default setting - Ready for Auto calibration in the receiver. This procedure MUST be performed before testing new cards with your Avenger SE and is a good way to restart the calibration process from scratch if you have made any errors in following the procedures outlined in previous sections. 1) Ensure the power is connected to your Avenger SE unit, and the RED Power LED is lit. 2) Ensure that the Emulation board has been removed from your receiver. 3) Insert the new HU Card into the Avenger SE (Microchip side facing up). 4) Remove the RESET jumper located on the bottom left of the Avenger SE unit. 5) Insert the Emulation Board into the receiver and wait 5 seconds. 6) Now you may: a) Insert the RESET Jumper into the Avenger SE unit to begin Auto Calibration in the receiver OR b) Remove the emulation board and then insert the RESET jumper if you wish to use a different calibration method. Dss Reader

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