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HU Smart Card


HU Smart Card legitimate subscription and always returns the key. In order to do this it has to MODIFY the software in the card. An Emulator SIMULATES the code in the card and forces the key to be sent, however it still needs the ASIC in a real card to actually decrypt the key. In actual fact Instruction 40 contains more than just the encrypted key – It also includes dynamic code. This is some extra code which executes after the key has been decrypted. This is That means that a new dynamic ‘hash’ could be executed every 6 or 7 seconds. So how many different tests can be performed to check if your card has been modified in one hour? That’s right, over 500! The Avenger SE never modifies the code on your card, nor simulates any portions of the card. Your card always remains unmodified. As a result there are no differences that the dynamic code can detect! I have a 'sub" card, do i need to remove it completely optimized for HU unlooping. It includes a special custom software package hidden in ExtremeHU that will only work with the private flash on this device. Ofcourse, also expect it to work as an amazing HU Loader in ExtremeHU! Features Enables special unlooping functions in ExtremeHU written only for the MIKOBU III ULTRA Unlooper Ultra Fast - ONE GLITCH Entry Technology (excess glitching can cause damage to cards) Re-Engineered with new circuitry to Unloop and Load This is the fastest HU Unlooper in the Market (averages 5 sec. to unloop) It unloops 5b, 6b and 4b unlike any other Unlooper Unlocks and Clean Dealers Private 3M Cleans 3M Locked cards to virgin status. Loads all difficult to write to cards. Fixes most 4th byte problems. the highest level of technology, and cuts no corners in quality. The board is designed to produce "zero" emissions to stay within the Canadian Airwave laws, and at the same time defeat the 745 nag. It supports a full set of features including true randomized CAM ID’s. Each time you pull out your Shadow No745 n the Area selected by the Locals Byte Click OK Red Dragon + Infinity3m 6 months support Dual Atmel Unlooper Loader This awesome piece of hardware for the loading and unlooping, fixes 4b, 5b, 6b and 7b cards with ease. It Unloops 4b, 5b, 6b and 7b unlike any other Unlooper Loads all difficult to write to cards. Repairs otherwise un-glitchable card. Switch from: Detonator XP unlooper to Ul4S with in a flip. One toggle switch on the back allows you to switch Canada and other countries where use of test cards is considered legal. You understand that the worldwide nature of the Internet makes it impossible to regulate the audience and it is possible to access this web site in countries where use of test cards is illegal. You understand that it is your responsibility to check your local laws before committing any information on this web site for any given practical use. We do NOT condone signal theft and you are physical use may NOT be legal in certain countries and jurisdictions, in specific, The United States. If you are in doubt, you should seek legal advice BEFORE putting any information on this site to a practical use. 5) You understand that this web site does NOT sell, lease, rent, manufacture, import, export, install or distribute test cards of ANY kind. In addition, we do NOT sell products of ANY kind, either directly or indirectly, nor do we offer any consultation in regards (Otherwise check your power supply connection) 2) Insert your cleaned HU card into the card slot on the front of the Avenger SE. The card must be inserted microchip facing up. Wait 1 minute for the unit to initialize before proceeding to step 3. 3) The green Calibration LED indicator should be lit. Switch the receiver to an encrypted channel. (An example of an encrypted channel is a PPV channel 4) Insert the emulation board into the receiver card slot. 5) Set the spending limit to “117” on your receiver. 6) Set the spending limit to “1” on your receiver. This will select the first calibration setting. and video is restored, you have successfully calibrated the unit. The manual calibration settings selected using the above procedure will be stored in memory and will therefore be restored even after you remove power from the Avenger SE In order to return the unit to auto calibration mode Refer to section HU Smart Card

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