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Smart Loaders


Smart Loaders 1) Your smartcard decrypts this key (using a special sub processor in the card called the ASIC), checks if you have a legitimate subscription set in the card and if yes it returns it to your receiver in an Instruction 54. A 3M modifies the check in 2) so that the card never checks if your card is a legitimate subscription and always returns the key. In order to do this it has to MODIFY the software in the card. An Emulator SIMULATES the code in the card and forces the key to be sent, however it still needs the ASIC in a real card to actually decrypt the key. In actual fact Instruction 40 contains more than just the encrypted key Ė It also includes dynamic code. This is some extra code which executes after the key has been decrypted. This is where hashing comes into play. Firstly letís look at a 3m. Assume a section of the code in your card located at address 0000 is 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88. An instruction 40 could include dynamic code which says after the key has been decrypted ADD whatever is at 0000 onto the key. they will not be wiped. With this bootloader you will be able to load a 'dead / blacklisted' BIN file to your HU card and you will not get the 744 and 745 error messages. It will also work with P4 and P5 cards, if you have a current subscription with DirecTV you can insert this device then call DirecTV and cancel your service and you will still get all your TV channels. Change the Time Zone to the time zone your are located in Set a 6 digit Zip code that is valid in the Area selected by the Locals Byte Click OK Red Dragon + Infinity3m 6 months support Dual Atmel Unlooper Loader This awesome piece of hardware for the loading and unlooping, fixes 4b, 5b, 6b and 7b cards with ease. It Unloops 4b, 5b, 6b and 7b unlike any other Unlooper Loads all difficult to write to cards. Repairs otherwise un-glitchable card. Switch from: Detonator XP unlooper to Ul4S with in a flip. One toggle switch on the back allows you to switch from loading your HU with Extreme Hu to unlooping the HU card with The Detonator XP software. It unloops cards in 10-40 seconds average. It even unloop with Extreme HU (ul4s) for that 1 in 20 card that won't unloop in the Detonator. Features No dips or jumpers! Fully in-line flashable to every known flash activate auto calibration mode. NOTE: If your card does not have DSW 0600 it may take up to 30 minutes for your card to update (refer to Procedure 3.3 step 5). In this case the Green Calibration LED will not be lit (or will flash ON every 3 to 6 seconds) but you will not have video until your card updates to DSW 0600. 4.3 Manual Calibration using a PC and Calibration software (and Serial Cable provided) The manual calibration procedure is provided for users who are unable to successfully complete auto calibration. Additionally, users who wish to use their Avenger SE with multiple HU cards may find this procedure useful. 1) Download the Avenger SE Calibration software by clicking >>HERE<< 2) Unzip the files to a directory on your computer and execute "Setup.exe" to install the software. 3) Click the 'Avenger SE Calibration Software' from your dishnet and vmc service wwwdish offers satellites equipment receivers services for retailers program receiver companies best wwwtvcom provider packages prices retailer position net how satellitetv wwwsatellite sattellite dishs shopping com offer digital what purchase satellitecom satelites company retail satelit price online wwwsatellitecom store dishcom discom satellitetvcom satalit satillite activation satel satelitte us sattelitecom dishtv satelitecom dishsatellite sattellites satelli wwwsatellitetvcom sites satlite e have does wwwtelevisioncom wwwdirecttvorg product wwwhnsusacomwarranty satellitecom who updates department usacom were usatvcom you programm from buying purchases products satilite programmings whats usatelevision industry comparison printer receiversdish directvretailerscom orgcom wwwtvs satellitedish reiceiver directdish conditions wwwdirecttv viacom directvsatellitesystem warranty wwwretailersdirectvcom two satelites give print taxes chart reciever emails 18inch want test place share market compared commercials httpwwwretailerdirectvcom wwwxtvcom gold freedirecttv tvrca retailerdirect recorder televisions shop inch electronic value under over 300 recivers media Smart Loaders

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